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Meditation for 
Crazy Busy Minds





Introduction to Meditation workshops (Free) 


Join us on one of our weekly online workshops to see if what we have to offer is the thing to help you. 


Totally free. No salesy chat. No obligation 


We discuss- 

  • The nature of stress and how it affects our life 

  • What type of meditation we teach (because there's loads!) and how we can support you 

  • The life changing benefits of a good meditation practice 

  • What to expect on your meditation journey 


Finally we wrap up with a short guided meditation to chill you out on your way. 


It's all very pleasant and informative! 

  • 01 Oct, 18:00 BST – 02 Oct, 19:00 BST
    *Learn all about what meditation is and isn't *What to expect on a meditation journey * Experience a small taster of what we will teach you to able to do on your own. A tool that lasts a lifetime, with a lifetime of support.
  • 15 Oct, 18:00 BST – 16 Oct, 07:00 BST
    *Learn all about what meditation is and isn't *What to expect on a meditation journey * Experience a small taster of what we will teach you to able to do on your own. A tool that lasts a lifetime, with a lifetime of support.

Join the full programme

Learn to Meditate

3 x Session- Live Course (Online or In Person) 

30 Days of Daily Support

Free Weekly online 

Group Meditations

Lifetime support from your instructor 

All programme dates

Meditation has proven to...

Promote calm amidst chaos 

Refresh and recharge your body 

Improve sleep and banish insomnia

Be slower to anger

Your investment 


  • or 3 x £83 monthly instalments

  • Credit Card 

  • Paypal and Paypal Pay later 

  • Apple Pay 


Owen says...

"Since completing the 30 day course, I find myself at peace more often than not.

My thoughts are clearer, and I find myself more able to articulate an action plan to tackle the route cause of the problematic feelings.

I cannot recommend Jason enough to anybody that is tentative about starting meditation, or is looking for a means of taking back control from their unwanted emotions."


Andrea says...

"If you find you are holding your breath and feel life is a bit of a rollercoaster ride that you can’t get off, please be kind to yourself and message Jason." Andy K.

Allow you to respond to life instead of react

Unleash your creative potential 

Be kinder to yourself

Improve baseline of internal happiness



"What type of meditation is this? There's so many out there" 

This is what is known as a transcending Meditation that has its roots in the ancient Vedic tradition but re-purposed for modern life.   No alters, incense, chanting, app subscriptions or balls of white light infusing your soul.  Just you, a comfy position and something to mind the time with.

"My mind is too busy to meditate"

Then you are in good company, this is what a vast majority of people say before they learn and the very reason we are called Monkeymind Meditation.


This makes you an ideal candidate for this style of meditation because the technique takes into account your ‘monkeymind’ and works with it not against it and once the mind stops fighting with itself it naturally falls into a state of restfullness and calm...and that's when the good stuff happens.

"I don't have enough time to meditate"

Some of the results of this style of meditation include increased concentration, decreased daily fatigue and higher levels of energy.   Put simply, you are able to do a lot more in less time, So a mediative practice actually gives you more time. (As well as you having a lovely 20 minute brain chill-out.)  Not too shabby.

"How often do I need to meditate?"

This technique has been refined over thousands of years and it’s been shown that twice a day for 20 minutes each time will return the most benefits and immediate deep restorative rest. We will start with just one a day and work our way up. 

Fun fact- 40 minutes is 2.78% of the day.

"Is this a religious thing?" 

Short answer. No. This is an entirely non secular cognitive technique so will not interfere with any faith you might have. In fact the deeper sense of connection that is felt by many long term meditators has been reported to enhance any belief you may hold.

Who are we



Meditation Teacher and happy chap

I'm Jason. Just clocked in at 51 and six years ago I was a mess, a hot mess. I wasn't likely to see 60. Then I discovered Meditation and it gave me a calm, a peace of mind and a joy of life that I didn't think possible. In fact it changed me so much that I wanted to give that to others...and so Monkeymind Meditation was born. 


No chanting, no lotus position, no apps, just you and a comfy position. 


This is Meditation for those who think Meditation isn't for them.

Favourite quote "little by little one travels far"



Meditation Monkey

 Chilled, groovy monkey who's successfully tamed his raging monkeymind and is ready to help you do the same.

Jomo helps younger ones learn about the joys of meditation, mindfulness and being kinder to yourself. 

Huge fan of marzipan. 

Loves making TIk Toks

Favourite quote "Go softly on"

We really look forward to meeting you and being able to help. 

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