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It's ok to fart in Meditation

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

It's ok to fart in meditation,

It's ok to sniff, burb and scratch,

or have thoughts of your ex,

Or a purple T-Rex

Meditate whilst your bottom burps hatch.

It's OK to chill in Meditation,

Let your brain gently melt into ooze,

Go all floppy and limb,

like a popped Goodyear blimp,

Meditate then fall into a snooze.

It's ok to sad in meditation,

Your emotions raked over the coal,

Let the fire consume you,

Then like a Phoenix, exhume you,

These Meditations are great for the soul.

It's ok to nothing in Meditation,

Feel the blank void of dark taking hold,

In a state of pure Being,

Where there's no thoughts or feeling,

It's a pastime that never gets old.

It's ok to anything in Meditation,

Be it nice or grim, funny or sad,

It's what it does in your real life,

When it helps stress or real strife,

Any meditation you do can't be bad.

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